Why are we Vitamin D deficient?

In a recent article (July 2010), leading NZ magazine – North and South – investigates why sun-loving kiwis are increasingly Vitamin D deficient.

“Just when we thought we had sun-smart behaviour sussed – moles diligently monitored, shade sails in the playgrounds, beach kit consisting of wide-brimmed hats, oversized sunnies, rash vest for thekids, sunscreen with a multi-digit SPF and  portable sun shade fit for a sheikh – the pendulum appears to be swinging the other way.”

“Reports of emerging research linking vitamin D with a host of potential health benefits have also highlighted its deficiency in a large proportion of our population – including children.  Around 90 per cent of the body’s supply of vitamin D is generated in our skin by direct exposure to sunlight.  ergo, should we ditch the sunscreen and revert to our wayward sun-worshipping ways?

It’s not that simple – of course.

Experts from various disciplines – including atmospheric physicists, dermatologists, epidemiologists, bone-health scientists and nutritionists – all have their own keen interests in the controversial vitamin.  There’s currently no agreement between them about the best approach to treat deficiency.”

The article is a must-read for anyone interested in the emerging research into the value of Vitamin D and how we as human beings should be absorbing it.  This magazine is available at newstands now or online.

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