Seasonal Vinyasa Yoga for Winter

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Title Seasonal Vinyasa Yoga for Winter


The main intention behind my winter seasonal vinyasa practices is to help you ward off typical Kapha imbalances by raising your core temperature, enhancing your metabolism, and increasing your circulation and spirit by offering you dynamic, invigorating, rhythmic sequences that keep the earth and water from going out of balance.



Also, try eating less to keep your digestive fire bright, supplementing your diet with vitamin D, omitting sugar and alcohol to reduce mood swings, enjoying a hot bath, sitting by a fire, or spending five to ten minutes in a tanning bed or in front of full-spectrum light bulbs. These are just a few alternative ways to move you towards sukkha, and away from suffering, or dukkha, during this dark season.

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Comments: This author covers more than just the practice of the asanas (exercises) in how yoga can be incorporated into your life. We are especially interested in the discussion of how light is incorporated into a yoga practice over winter.



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