5 Tips to Get Your Body Rhythm Back

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Title: 5 Tips to Get Your Body Rhythm Back


Do you feel like you’re out of sync? Here are some tips to help get your rhythm back…


Tip 3: Make sure you get natural light. Just as we need darkness to support our sleep cycles, we need light — particularly morning sun- for our day cycles. We need the light of the sun to trigger our metabolism, alertness and overall ability to function and perform. And if you spend most of your day indoors, replace your artificial or fluorescent lights with full-spectrum light bulbs.

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Comments: This article by Dr Frank Lipman covers five different areas you can work on to get your body into it’s unique rhythm. If you have problems sleeping or any other problem that is caused by your circadian rhythm being out of sync, then we recommend you take the time to read the full article and implement some of his tips.

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