Good heavens, how much light!

In a treat for Finnish readers of our blog – we’ve got a link today to a recent radio interview given by Viva-Lite partner, Ilkka Pekanheimo of AD-Lux Finland. This link will be valid until the 12th of February 2012.


In this interview the point is made that “Halpa lampuilla ei näe hyvin” – or “you cannot see well in the light of cheap lamps”. The Viva-Lite partner is passionate about this relationship between quality of light and price – and that we need to bring quality light into our lives.


Other highlights of the interview are the interviewer referring to Viva-Lite lamps as the Rolls Royce of light-bulb options. And then when Ilkka, turns on the Viva-Lite bulb (an E-27) the interviewer exclaims (in Finnish) “good heavens, how much light!”.



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